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If you look after your jewellery correctly, there is nothing to stop it lasting a long long time. Your jewellery is not indestructible however, so below are a few hints and tips to help you get the most out of your favourite pieces...


Fashion and costume jewellery can tarnish slightly after prolonged use and become slightly discoloured. 


To look after your jewellery, try to avoid contact with water by removing the item/s before washing your hands or getting wet. 


Avoid contact with perfume and/or cosmetics such as creams and ensure that when you are using these, that they have dried completely before putting on your jewellery. Perfume and cosmetics can affect the condition of the piece by diminishing sparkle and tarnishing the plating in place.


Acid from your skin or from your perfume/lotions can react with the base metals in your jewels to produce a green oxidation on your skin.  Rest assured that this is not dangerous and can be easily washed away. You are much less likely to get these green marks on the skin if wearing Sterling silver or gold jewellery. If you continue to have problems, you can try applying a thin coat of clear nail varnish to the inside of your rings or the back of your necklaces.


Ensure that you remove the item/s before bed time and store them somewhere safe such as in a jewellery box, to avoid scratching, damage, tangling and knotting. 


Try to keep your jewellery away from direct sunlight. 


Try not to fiddle with, pull or twist your jewellery.


Keep your jewellery clean using a clean damp cloth.


When fastening necklaces or bracelets, try asking someone to help you if you are struggling, as should you try to do this on your own, you could cause unnecessary strain on the links in place. 

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